Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mt. Russell Update.

A killer view of the North Ridge, The route they just "fired". Congrats!! They're psyched!!

Seth called in from High camp this morning. He sounded great. We had just a short conversation. They climbed Mt. Russell yesterday, I believe. They are about to pack up their camp and head back down to base camp where they will start packing the runway for the ski planes to come in and get them. The pilots like to have a 1,500 foot long runway with a big ol' turnaround area for the plane to taxi into position for loading and takeoff. Seth, Nate, Jordan, Kirk and Josh still have some work ahead of them. They'll have time to sleep when they're out.

Nate, Seth, Josh, Kirk and Jordan just had a trip of a lifetime. Seth and Nate will unpack from this trip and start packing for their next trip.

It's reportedly nice in the range right now. We have some overcast here in Talkeetna. Planes aren't flying as of yet today. They have a bunch of runway packing to do before hand anyway. I'd be willing to bet almost anything that they didn't see another person the whole time they were in there, and that is getting harder and harder to do these days.


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