Thursday, May 29, 2008

Post Holio

The man the myth the legend, Mark Postle.

Mark Postle called in this evening. He is at 14K. They rolled in there yesterday. They did their back carry down to 13.5 today. He said it has been very cold recently, even in the tents. It is usually about 15 degrees warmer in the tents than it is out side. When the sun is shinning on the tents it can be WAY warmer than out side.

All of the climbers on the trip are doing well. They are all very similar in ability and fitness which is nice for over all cohesion in the team.

Climbers looking down from high camp, Brian Okonek Photo.

This is where everyone likes to hang out in the evening and listen to the weather reports that are wrong most of the time. It is also a good place to hang out if you are trying to raise another party on the radio. Mark said he was going t try to reach Melis tonight to check in. I'd bet anything he is trying to arrange for the ever illusive and famous, but rarely performed 14K-17K tent swap. This works out once a season if you're lucky. It means that a group from 14 gets to move up to 17 and not carry all of their tents. It only works when a group from 17 is heading down to 14 on the same day a group is moving up. This does two things. It lightens the loads significantly and allows for the group moving up to move into an already built camp. It's sweet when it comes together.



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Anonymous said...

Do you have any news about Brian and Dan's May 27th West Buttress trip? I know you said no news is good news but I am sure family and friends would just like a small update or mention of how they are doing.

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Baw, kasagad-sagad sa iya ubra blog!

dwalters2 said...

Mark Postle did the elusive 14/17 tent switch with our team and another last year (2007). Made for a nice move to high camp. Way to go Mark!!