Friday, May 30, 2008


Melis summitted. She called in from the top of Denali Pass at around 10:00 PM on the way back down. Denali Pass is about an hour to an hour and a half from camp. It was a cold and windy day she said. 17K is still in the sun and it has calmed down quite a bit and it's not as cold now.

That's all the info I have right now. I'll possibly talk to her before she heads down off the mountain. You guys looking in on her party will be updated from all the team members soon enough.



Kelly Mendez said...

Johnny, we are so happy for you! We knew you could do it! See you soon. Much love, Logan and Kelly

Alaska Mountaineering School and Denali Guiding said...

Turns out, Johnny made it to the top of Denali Pass on the way up and could not re-warm his toes. It was very cold and windy yesterday.

The first 2-3 hours of Summit days are spent in the shade of Denali Pass. We always hope that climbers can keep their finger's and toes warm enough during this first part of the day and if not that they can re-warm them in the sun at the top of the pass. Yesterday was one of those days where it was cold enough that re-warming was too difficult. And as a summit day progresses people get more tired and tired and more dehydrated and it gets harder and harder to keep extremities warm.

Johnny and Melis made the decision for Johnny to go back to camp and wait for the rest of the team. Johnny headed back to camp with another guided group.

Sorry for the confusion.


Kelly Mendez said...

No problem- Denali Pass is still quite an accomplishment! I'm glad that Johnny and Melis made a sensible decision. I'm sure he is having a great time (with toes intact!).

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