Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday, May 15th

Here's a picture of Greg "G Double" Collins. Greg is one of the most talented and accomplished climbers and guides in the U.S.

Collins called in again from the summit of Crosson. They are still getting stormed on. He said as soon as they get out of the tent they are getting rimed up. That happens when there is enough moisture in the snow that as soon as the wind blows the precip. into anything, it sticks to it. They are calling for a weak high pressure to move in over the mountains tonight. Greg is planning on heading out across the horizontal ridge tomorrow if at all possible. They are all rested up and as acclimatized as they can be.

Craig wanted me to wish his son Paul, who is in Bagdad, a happy birthday. Paul's Birthday is tomorrow the 16th.

Greg talked to Tork at length last night. They made a carry yesterday to around the corner. Tom's plan as of last night was to move up to 14K today. Kirsten, who is at 14K, said that the route to 14 is fairly well wanded, so they may have been able to make a move. I'm not sure what the winds and temps were today though up there. The guides generally want a pretty good day to make this move, since it is a very difficult and long day for almost everybody. We don't like to roll into a new camp with expedition members super tired AND have to build a camp from scratch.


Anya said...

Well, were all still praying for good (or should I say "splitter") weather. No rush up there boys, take your time, it will come. Get lots of rest and travel safely. 14000 is a huge success!! Good job Tork's crew!!

kmstier said...

Here's hoping the Foraker team gets a weather break. Keep-a-kickin'!!