Friday, May 23, 2008


This is a photo of Mt. Foraker with a series of Lenticular clouds stacked up. This means extremely high winds. You do not want to be anywhere exposed in a situation like this. I think Denali looks something like this right now. Brian Okonek photo.

Tom called just a little bit ago. He and his crew are safe at 14K camp. They launched yesterday for the summit. He said he was hoping to be able to sneak it in before the weather system moved in. They made it to the top of Denali pass and it was cold, getting windier, and starting to snow. Tom made a good decision and turned around. They returned to 17K yesterday and packed up there and and moved to 14K. Tork said it is blowing over 90 mph right now up on the 16 ridge and at high camp. It is too windy even to go down around windy corner right now. They are going to hold tight there for a bit until the winds abate.

He said it is windy but livable right now at 14K camp. 14 is a much better place to be when it get nuclear up there. It is hard living as it is at 17K with out extreme winds. It sounds like a freight train up higher right now. We are glad Tork is up there making good calls and everyone is doing fine.

I haven't heard from the other groups on the mountain today, but I'm sure all is well. They are probably doing some wall building and shoveling in and around camp as we speak.



Kaylen said...

too bad they did not get to summit...but i am glad they made that decision to turn around...well..they will just have to do this again next year and summit!!!!! Christian-I hope you look like a mountain man when you get back...and to make you feel better it is rainy here in California..and the ocean is choppy and hopefully when you get back there will be a HEAT WAVE again so you can DEFROST!!! you big bro!!!

Anya said...

Ah man. SOunds like it was a good and safe decision to turn around when you did. I am stil very proud of you Christian!! Good job. I am sure you have plenty of great stories and pictures. Stay safe and warm. And Kaylen is right, it is rainy and really weird weather here. Come bring us some warm weather. Miss you bunches! See you soon!! XOXO

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