Sunday, June 29, 2008

"3 Climbers"

Roger Binkerd sent us a quick note and photo. Roger was with AMS on the May 20th  Denali, West Buttress expedition this year his guides were Mark Postle and Pat Ormond. Here's what Roger has to say:

"I enjoy the BLOG. A little connection to a great time. Melis is unbelievable!

I attached what I think is my best picture from my trip. I took it from the summit on June 7. I call it "three-climbers."

The size I sent is 1920x1200 in jpg format. It fills every pixel on a good computer screen...

Just thought I would share it with you, you were such a huge help, along with everyone else I met at AMS." 

 - Thanks Roger! We really appreciate the photo and your kind words. We are glad you had a good experience here at the AMS HQ and on Denali with us. Mark and Pat are great and we are happy to have them as part of the AMS family. What a great photo you took from the top! Congratulations again for all of your hard work getting up there.


P.S. Julia is out today :-)

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Cathrine Lagerberg said...

Not only was the picture great; Roger was great! Thanks for making my 3 weeks as your tentmate great; had the best time! And all 3 of us made it: I believe in what you said Roger: karma.... :) ~ Ciao from Norway!