Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The acme, the zenith, el cumbre, the pinnacle. peak, crest, crown, apex, tippy top, SUMMIT

Mike and Leighan called in from the tippy top. All 8 of them made it to the summit. They were getting ready to head back down to 17 a few minutes ago. Everything is going well. I didn't talk to him for long. I'm not sure how long it took to get up to the top, but it usually takes about 1/3-1/2 of the time it took to get up to get back down to high camp. They roll back into camp and start heating up water for hot drinks or soup and Dinner if folks have the energy to eat. Quite often after a summit day, people just go to bed as they are super tired. I can here it now... "you can go to bed, but just try to at least have a little soup and another liter of water". "Don't forget to bring your boot liners into your tent and put them in between the sleeping bags or inside your bag so they won't be frozen in the morning."

Congratulations gang!! They will be heading down to 14 tomorrow in the early afternoon most likely. They'll rest up and wait for the temperatures to drop so the traveling will be in good condition on the lower glacier.

A view of Mt. Huntington from the summit ridge.

Pat Ormond and Tim Brown's crew in front of one of TAT's Dehavland Beavers getting ready to fly into base camp yesterday afternoon. They had a really nice group. They will have a good time up there. The lower glacier is still in amazing condition. Night time temps are still dropping well below freezing at and above 7,000'. I probably won't be hearing from these guys more until they get higher up on the mountain and start getting a cell signal.

The really old school analog cell phones are still the best mode of communication up on Denali. We have a lot of satellite phones as well, but they aren't nearly as reliable and they drop more calls and the reception is still fuzzy at best.

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Elaine LaPierre said...

HALLELUIAH!!!!! So happy that you made it!!!! We were thinking of you all day, and not believing this would be the day!!!! Very glad for the whole team!! Love, Mom and Dad xoxo

Anonymous said...

Tom Pelland:

Husband - Congratulations! We are so proud of you!! Love you!


mike lapierre said...

Congratulations Paul, Tom and team!!

Halfway home boys "mistake free" descent.

Clay and Claire said...

Awesome! Congratulations to Mike, and all. Sisyphus got nothin on you. Safe return. Clay and Claire in Juneau.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS, TEAM! Paul, that was such happy news to wake up to! e-mails are going out to the family as we speak -- now, safe descent! Aunt Shirl and Uncle Dale

Anonymous said...

To Tommy Pelland,

CONGRATULATIONS Tommy and Team!! It must have been a great feeling to be on the top of the world. I wish you a safe and uneventful trip back down the mountain. I hope that the weather continues to cooperate.


Anonymous said...

Daddy, Mr. Paul, and Team:

Yeah! Great job! Get down the mountain safe.

Samantha, Sydney, and Jordan

DaleH said...

Great Paul!! Looking forward to hearing about it on the 4 th. Dale

Carl, Susan & Matt said...

Paul et al,
WooooooooHoooooo!!! Congratulations to all! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Safe descent everyone! Carl, Susan and Mattman

Chris said...

Yes, yesy, yes !!! Congradulations! What an achievement. That's wonderful. We are all so proud of you Paul. Can't wait to see your beaming face.

Chris and Karen

Chris said...

Yes, yesy, yes !!! Congradulations! What an achievement. That's wonderful. We are all so proud of you Paul. Can't wait to see your beaming face.

Chris and Karen

Scott Cheyne said...

Way to go Lappasaurusrex!! We are so proud of you and the team, what an awesome accomplishment. Good luck heading down. We can't wait to hear all about it over a few adult beverages when you are back in G'bury.

Scott and Petunia

Sheila said...

Paul, Tom and the rest of Mike Janes' Team,

Congrats! Way to Get'er done! Can't wait to hear all about it and see photos from the top! Safe descent!



KevinG said...

Tom & Paul,

You guys are amazing!
Continue to have a safe and adventureous epic journey.
I'm glad you know how to streamline.

Kevin Glenn

JR said...

Tom, Paul & The rest of the Team,

Congrats Guys! Great Job. Can't wait to hear the story!


Andy and Brenda said...

For Pat and Tim's team

How's the Copenhagen teacher doing?
Resting at 14 for now.

Love, Mom and Dad in Ottawa, Canada