Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another day in the life of a Denali Climber

Mark and Pat's Denali team setting camp on a little wind.
They are all back in town and cleaned up. Mark gets ready to go climbing in the range with his wife, Schneeberdeech, then he's off to guide for the premier Teton Guide service, Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. And Pat has a few days off and he goes back up on Denali for a second trip, then he's off to Exum Mountain Guides for the season.



Anonymous said...

Hervé says Hello to Mark, Pat and Sierra.Congratulations for your Summit. It sounded like "Business as usual" on the blog.Enjoy your summer.

brooke said...
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brooke said...

hey dad its brooke in English at the moment, got a sac in 2 days!!! last one then holidays yay!! cant wait till we go skiing, andrews doing well, got 2 goals in lacrosse yesterday ---- mums going a bit insane....but im trying to be good for her

good luck dont die!