Thursday, June 5, 2008

The center of the universe.

photo, Greg Collins out for a ski.

Lots of climbers from around the world have always called Camp 4 in Yosemite Valley, CA the center of the climbing universe. I've also heard people refer to the Moab Information Center parking lots as the center as well. Same with Chalten in Argentina's Patagonia. One could also argue that 14K on Denali is the center of the universe.

Collins just called called in from 14K.

Colby is hanging tight at 17K. The weather is not good enough for going to the summit today. Colby reports winds and light snow. I bet Colby is doing his routine high camp clean up A.K.A. fishing for high altitude brown trout.

Greg may or may not move to high camp today he said. If he doesn't move to high camp he said he was going to drop off some more supplies including a tent, so it'll be an easier move day up to camp. Greg has a ton of time, he isn't too worried about much of anything right now.

Post holeo is launching as we speak to make the move to high camp. I haven't heard how many people are up at high camp these days or how many people are moving up right now. He's psyched that he has Coombs and Josh up there to help out upon arrival into 17. The move to 17 is a tough day. Some people liken it to summit day. With another AMS team up there, Mark will have hot water and regular drinking water ready for him and his crew when they roll into camp. Colby may even be able to help them with securing a "camp site".

Brian Okonek photo of some climbers looking down towards 14. From this vantage point Colby will be able to see Postle heading up the fixed lines as well as the 16 ridge. He will also be able to keep an eye on Collins up on the Rib and he can actually see right over to Balcony camp on the upper rib, where greg will be moving to or stocking today.

Usually, one of the guides sole jobs when arriving at a new camp is to run stoves and melt snow and heat water for hot drinks to rehydrate everyone after a long hard day. But, if another guide is up there and taking a rest day it is common law that they will help out as much as humanly possible. Colby, I'm sure knows that Mark is heading up to H.C. From 17 you can see all the climbers inching their way up the 16 ridge toward camp. Plus they will most likely be in contact via FRS radios.

Greg called in at 9:00 AM today. When I asked him how McCullough was doing he said he was stil sleeping, or at least he had yet to emerge from his tent. Sounds like Brian's team is taking a rest day today. These days are sweet up there. You finally get to sleep in and not get up and out of the tent until the sun warms your tent up to the point you need to get out and get some fresh air. Brian was planning to take a trip out to the edge of the world with his folks. This is a little rocky prominence out past the ranger's camp where they get a killer view into the N. E. Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.

Kirby and Nate will most likely be rolling in to 14 this afternoon.


lottery raffle said...

Thanks. Im Inspired again.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Post!
For sure Denail is the Center of the Universe for all of us cheering on our loved ones up on the mountain!

Anonymous said...

Such a great time for my brother Brian Fry, he has been waiting to do this for a long time! Thinking you of Bub!!!