Saturday, June 7, 2008

Coombs & Postle UPDATE

Colby called me late last night.  He , Josh and Henrik are all back at the 14,200' camp and are well. They will rest at 14,200' today and will start down the mountain tonight, they should be back in Talkeetna tomorrow. He reports that they had a good summit day; it was very clear, very cold, and thus they were wearing all of their clothing the entire way. It took them 12 hours round trip. Colby said it was beautiful, they reached the top at about 10:45 pm. They had the summit to themselves with only one other person reaching the top on the same day. 

Mark Postle just phoned in and they went for a summit bid yesterday, but turned back due to the high winds and cold temperatures.  Mark said it's a PERFECT day up there TODAY, so THEY ARE GOING FOR IT AGAIN THIS MORNING. They should be leaving high camp in about 1 hour. 

Colby is going to call and check in before they descend, so we should have more news about the other teams later today.

Here is the address for the Talkeetna Air Taxi webcam, showing you the view of the mountain from Talkeetna:

You can see for yourself that it's looking like a glorious day up there! 



Anonymous said...

Hey Postle's Group...we are all cheering you on today!
My thoughts and love are with you Brian!
Love you so,

John1 said...

Congrats Mark and crew. Looks like you pulled the same stunt as last year. Fake for summit, then end around next day. Good work