Monday, June 30, 2008

high camp

"Black sedimentary sea bed that has fossils of fish. Archdeacons and the summit of Denali in the back ground." Brian McCullough Photo and description.

Sure enough, every time I check the "Spot" webpage, Pat calls in. I swear, I had just said to Caitlin that They rolled into camp 22 minutes ago when my cell phone rang. They made it up to camp in 8 hours. It's nice and warm up there right now. They're going to wait till morning to see how everyone is feeling before making any decisions. Pat said that if everyone was super keen and the weather was splitter, they might go poke around up high.

They were able to do a partial camp swap with Melis today. Pat's crew and Melis's crew crossed paths just below Washburn's Thumb today. Melis was up until 4:30 AM melting snow for drinks and food after a 2:30 AM return to HC. Pat thought that they would probably chill in 14 tonight and start heading down tomorrow sometime. I may or may not hear from her again before she shows up to Talkeetna. I'll let everyone know though what I hear.



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