Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 15th plus a summit to report.

Climbers heading around Windy Corner on a day much like the one Melis had when she carried around the corner. Note the sleds down hill of the climbers. It is paramount that the climbers do not have much weight in their sleds when traversing on terrain like this and what weight they do have in the sleds is packed low down in the sled so it won't flip or roll. A well packed sled shouldn't be too much of a hindrance. Ask anyone who has been up on Denali, and they will have lots of sled stories to share.

Scott Woolums rolled in to base camp early this morning. He said the weather in there is crystal clear. They're doing good and are just waiting for a flight out. It's overcast in Talkeetna, as soon as it lifts we'll be seeing them back at AMS.

Melis's group carried to 13.5k today, and will move to 14 tomorrow. The weather in there right now is really good she said. Her team is doing AWESOME! Joey is heading for the summit today. For those of you who don't know who Joey is, he is an AMS guide and Melis Coady's sweetie pie. Joey, I believe, is round tripping from 14K via the Upper Rib. He's skipping high camp all together. He has a 6,000 + foot summit day today.

Father's day greeting from Chip.

Dear Becky, Melissa, Charles, Jon and Jess, Thanks for making me the luckiest father in the world. I love you.

Love to Jonah, Marlene and Maria, and of course Li'l Jorie. Chip Dad and Grandpa.

I'm sure everyone up there is wishing they could give their best to all the father figures out there. Melis just happened to be the only one who's called it in so far.

Kirby called while I was on the other line with Mike Janes. Kirby and crew summitted and were on their way down right now. Mike wanted to give a big shout out from their team wishing everyone a happy Father's Day. Sounds like Kirby's gang was on the summit around or a little before 2:00 PM. Congrats and way to hang in there! A little bit of patience can go a long way.

That's all i've heard.



Anonymous said...

To Tommy Pelland,

HAPPY FATHER"S DAY!! We wish you well. Hope you have great weather for summit. Be safe.


Lori, Louie, Louis, Joey & Aunt Edyie

tooltimetodd said...

Awesome job folks!Respect the sun, wind, snow, and cold please team Mike.Be safe and swife on ur sumimt bid:LAP;peace Tooltimetodd

molly said...

Glad to hear you are all safe, Happy Fathers day Jonny!

Donna said...

To Rob Stein, with Melis' group: Don't know if you got our previous message, but it bears saying again... REACH FOR THE STARS!


Sandy and Donna

Anonymous said...

Hello bubby, I hope your ok, and enjoying the challenge, miss you very much. Alls well back here. XXX.

Meghan & Jake said...


Good luck on your summit bid. Hope the weather and high peak gods are playing nicely and remember "never get separated from your gear!"

Meghan & Jake

Sheila said...

Paul Lap (Mike Janes Team),

So excited you are in position for a summit bid! May the weather and "The Lady" be on your side for a safe, swift summit! Be safe, strong and climb high! Enjoy!



Sheila said...
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Carl, Susan & Matt said...

Exciting to read about your crew's progress! Hoping for great weather for the summit!
Be safe. Carl, Susan & Matt

Nichole and Ryan said...

Uncle Paul,
We hope your having fun good luck and be careful.

Nichole and Ryan

Paul and Tom
I'm praying for a weather window. So psyched for you guys.


mosaun said...

Hi Paul, Hope you get a clear summit bid today. Enjoy . Love, Bob and Mo