Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17

Melis and Forest called in from 14. There group is doing awesome. They went out to the edge of the world today. They didn't take a total rest day today. It's good on rest days to get ut and cruise around so the heart rate and respirations gets elevated a bit and the body is able to pump some of that oxygenated blood around to the O2 deprived muscles. Many climbers climbing at altitude report feeling the worst first thing in the morning after awaking from sleep. A simple explanation of this is because, both the heart and the lungs slow down at night. With a slower breathing pattern less O2 is coming in and getting absorbed into the blood. And with a slower heart rate less blood is getting pumped around the body.

They are going to drop down a few hundred feet in elevation tonight and retrieve their 13.5 cache. They are going to wake up tomorrow morning and see how everyone feels. They might end up taking the entire day off minus some classes in and around camp. Everyone is having a fun time up there.

Pat and Tim's crew made it into base camp this afternoon.

It was not a summit day as far as we could tell from town, so I think Mike and Leighan are still in a holding pattern up there at 17.

Something is going on with the blogger website so I haven't been able to post photos for a couple of days.


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