Monday, June 2, 2008

Kirby Senden update and Greg Collins.

This picture is taken of the camp Kirby's crew just left, 7,800K. If you know where to look you can see Windy Corner, 14K, High Camp, the lower and Upper West Rib, the top of the fixed lines above 14K and a whole bunch of other features.

Melis's team made it out last night. They ran into Kirby, Nate, Jon and Moises at about 9:00 in the morning yesterday as their team was making a carry to the top of Ski Hill. Melis said they looked good. That means that Kirby's team is either moving to the top of Ski Hill and setting camp in the 10,000 foot basin somewhere, or they are moving to 11K today. Generally, if a group sets up camp at the top of Ski Hill then they are able to single to 11K since it is not too much of an elevation gain and the distance is not very far. If they move straight to 11K from 7,800K then they will end up doing a back carry from 11K to pick up their cache wherever they left it above Ski Hill.

Greg Collins called in from 14K. They have scouted to 15,400 feet on the Upper Rib and they've already back carried. He reported hard packed snow that is excellent for climbing on. I did not talk to him personally so I didn't get a weather report from up there.

Colby should be up at 11K and Brian's group should be carrying to the Corner if the wx. is decent.



philippine lotto said...

What a great moment of reading blogs.

Courtney said...

Hi Nick!
What a great trip you are having; I check the blog each day.

MMC said...

Go, Team Melis!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
What a thrill for me to check in on your climb!! I'm so excited with you,just not quite as tired as you!! I'm with you in spirit'sonnyboy.Everyone here is tuning in,also.