Thursday, June 5, 2008


The Kahiltna Dome/Denali training course just flew in this afternoon led by Tim, Lindsay and Larry. This is a pretty cool trip. It is an Expedition as well as a course. Our Denali Expeditions are courses as well to some degree but not as much so as the Kahiltna Dome trip. Many aspiring Denali climbers do this trip to see just how ready they are for climbing the big one. Many of the guides/instructors on the Kahiltna Dome trip are also Denali guides so students geet full value out of this course and can pick their guide's brain about the specifics of climbing Denali. Kahiltna Dome offers some of the sickest views of Denali possible. An aspiring photographer can get shots of the mountain similar to those that Bradford Washburn took from the bush planes.

Kirby just rolled in to 14K. He was wondering where everybody was though. They made it to 14 in 5 1/2 hours! That's super fast. His team is doing really good, they're all having a good time. He said he'd get in touch when he was about to make a move up to 17K. He was just getting ready to go "crank out some soup". They're psyched.

He said that Collins made the move to high camp on the Rib. Postle was no where to be found, so that means he is successfully moving up the 16 ridge to high camp. Kirby said that it was a bit cloudy there but there is zero wind. Pretty nice day actually, despite no vis.

It's hard to say what is shaking up there at high camp. He couldn't see up there but figured it might be calm.

Some of the AMS guides and instructors testing out different breaking strengths of carabiners, webbing, cordage and a variety of hitches and knots. More than anything I just wanted to try out posting a video.



Libby Anderson said...

Love to Uncle Jon - this is so neat to be able to see where you are and keep track of you! :) I'm sure it is amazing... Give us a call when you get home and tell us all about it! We love and miss you! Steve, Libby, Sydney & Garrit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon!! It is so incredibly amazing watching and following your progress and so impressive. I am overwhelmed with pride for you...btw...I'm proud of you whether you summit or not:-) Make good choices up there. Nothing is more important than your safe return. Oh and btw...don't EVEN think about your nephew attempting this anytime in the near future:-)Bob and Jan are calling daily for updates so I will send along this blog address. Patrick and George send their good wishes too. I love you very much and will see you soon.
Becki said...

Sorry about posting that anonymously...clicked the wrong button.
Love you!

molly said...

Way to go Betty, stop filling up the comment boxes.....LOL!

Way to go Jonny, be safe, this is fun to follow you on this journey.

BEcki said...

Okay enough laying around in a tent all day just reading. What do you think you're on...a vacation?!? It's Friday the 13th and I'm hoping this is your lucky day to summit. We excitedly check the blog every day to see your progress. Nate and Pascale left for DC last night and Nate has called twice today to check in on your status. Training will confiscate his cell on the 15th so he'll be out of contact until 5 July. Love you and hope to read about your summit in the morning:-)
Happy Fathers' Day to you and all the Dad's on the mountain.