Monday, June 9, 2008


Nate Opp "skiing" the Grand Teton just before he came up to AK for the season. Nate has been working a ton for AMS this season. HAnds down he will have the most guiding days in the field for the '08 season. Nice job " The Optimator". Hopefully he and Kirby get the weather they are looking for to go for the top in the morning.

Photo: Kirby

Kirby Senden
and Nate Opp called in from high camp. They are doing good. They made it up to camp in about 6 1/2 hours. For those of you who don't know, that's good time. Everyone says hi. Kirby was just taking a break from the stoves to call in. He said there are some high clouds right now. High clouds can mean weather, but I'm not sure what the clouds look like for sure. There is still zero wind. They are strong and stoked! They are going to go for it if the weather is good tomorrow.

While I was typing this up McCullough called in from the summit! He was doing good. Good job to Brian's crew. The summit ridge is pretty darn cool. Awesome views from up there as you can see from that video footage I posted earlier. Brian is psyched to have other AMS'ers in camp when he gets down to help with all the stove work.

Congrats to everyone who made it up there!

Everyone up there works their butts off. Every expedition member has lots of responsibilities. Guides end up doing most of the cooking and melting though. Here's a little example below of what a Denali kitchen looks like.

Hanging out over those little camp stoves is tough work. Usually at high camp all the cooking happens inside the vestibule of the tent, unless it is splitter out. Groups do not bring their kitchen tents up there with them.



Anonymous said...

dan corn...

you're my hero.


Anonymous said...

Paul Zawilinski on McCullough's team,

You made it! I am very very proud of you. I can't wait to hear your stories and take you out to La Boina for a celebration steak and sangria dinner.

Love you and miss you, Arlene

Anonymous said...

Could you let us know if everyone on McCullough's team summited? And how they are doing?