Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mark Postle Group Summit!

Postle called in at 5:30 p.m. from the top, 20,320' - Congratulations!!!!  

The connection on the phone wasn't great, so we will have more details on the team and conditions when they next call in. From my estimation, they should be at or very near to their high camp by now. Usually folks are pretty happy to be back at camp at the end of summit day, it's a long hard day for anyone. Hot drinks, a warm meal, and the comfort of ones' sleeping bag are something everyone looks forward to at the end of summit day.

Colby Coombs' team is leaving the 14,200' camp now, they are heading down to base camp at 7,200'. They should arrive there sometime between 3-6 am. If the weather is good, they should fly out first thing in the morning.

Although...They may want to stay in a little longer to celebrate Daryl Miller's final base camp mountain patrol.  Daryl, the South District Ranger for Denali National Park, is retiring after many years of dedicated service to Denali National Park and the climbers here.  We are very happy for him to be moving on, but he will be dearly missed.

It may be a coincidence but rumor has it that there is going to be a short rock concert at base camp tomorrow!

More later, I am sure.



John Davis said...

Mark, you are AMAZING! Congrats yet again on a successful summit! Our trip to the top last year was life-changing, and I'm sure you've provided your team this year with the same terrific memories!

John Davis
Greeley, CO

John Davis said...
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