Monday, June 9, 2008


Brian is going for the summit this morning. He said it is a perfect day up there. That'll mean then that Kirby will be able to make the move to high camp and Scott will do a carry up to the ridge. I didn't talk to Brian too much. HE sounded very excited though. Check out the 360 deg. footage below from the Summit a couple days ago. Colby shot the Video with Henrik's camera. The cute face at the end of the video is Mr. Coombs.

Mark Postle and crew are back in base camp. They will be flying back to Talkeetna as soon as base camp opens up.

Greg Collins and crew are out of the mountains as well. They had a great trip.

cutting the cake with Josh and Colby in the background.


Anonymous said...

Paul on McCullough's team,

Sending positive thoughts to you and your team. Good luck with your summit attempt.

Climb strong!!!

Love, Arlene

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