Friday, June 13, 2008

Mike Janes & Leighan Falley called in from 14K, around 10:00 last night.  They were spending the day resting and doing practice for the fixed line ascension that lies ahead of them. They will rest there again Friday (today), keeping an eye on the weather.  If the weather is good for them they will ascend the fixed lines and head to High Camp.  All are getting along well, they are fit, hard workers. Mike says they all deserve a summit!

As I was writing this, Melis called in from the base of Kahiltna Pass, at 10,200 feet. She said, "it is a beautiful day in the Range!"  This is a non-traditional camp, but she was able to make use of the one that the Kahiltna Dome group had built.  Clever!  Melis said they arrived there this morning, being on night schedule.  She said "it's so hot you have to travel between 2 am and 6 am" but they have to dress warmly as usual at night. She said they've been practically naked in the tents during the day!  Sleep is the big plan for them today, and will move to 11,000 feet tomorrow (er, tonight). 

Melis passed along some gossip about some of the AMS staff out on climbs of their own, Joey is poised to summit tomorrow, and Jeff Witt is moving up the Cassin, from 14k to 17k today.  And, rumor has it that Rob is eating sorbet at Base Camp. 



Donna said...

Hi Rob! Glad to hear you have made it to base camp and ready for your next adventure! Touch the stars! Love, Sandy and Donna

Linda Oldach said...

Hi to brother Chip from Linda in MA. Have fun.