Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mike Janes

Photo: Mike Janes hanging out in Base Camp.

Mike called in this morning from 10K. They were doing their back carry from 11K. Everyone is doing great on his team. Greg and Colby passed through his camp at 11 late last night.

They moved to 11 yesterday. They are sitting in good weather right now, but it is cloudy below them and windy above them. They are planning on doing a carry up to Windy Corner tomorrow. They need a pretty decent day to make the move to 14K. They may be able to pull that off the day after tomorrow. A carry can be done in not perfect weather because teams are returning to a camp and kitchen already set up. The move to 14 is a tough one and guides like to roll in to camp with some warmish temps and little or no wind so camp can be set up with little worries. This is not always possible as weather conditions can turn on a dime.

Greg and Colby are in base camp waiting to get out. Base camp is shut down right now due to limited visibility. Caitlin baked Henrick a surprise congratulatory cake for setting the new speed record for climbing the seven summits.


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Elaine LaPierre said...

Paul--Mentally with you every minute--happy we can get updates. Good luck to your team! (I have to say this, be careful!) Love, Mom and Dad