Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, June 16th

Mike Janes called in from High Camp. They are hanging out. The weather has been in and out all day. The winds have subsided and the visibility has improved a fair bit since earlier today. Everyone is doing good. Mike and Leighan were helping National Park Service (NPS) with some rescues until about 5:00 in the morning this morning. All is good up there as we speak and they are looking forward to heading up higher as soon as possible.

Melis called in from 14. She was in the process setting up tents when I spoke to her. Everyone in the group is pretty tired. They received over a foot of new snow recently and their team had to break trail the entire way to 14K. The move to 14 is hard enough as it is, but to add a bunch of deep snow on top of an already tough move day ups the anty. I always kind of liked the extra challenge. It puts a fresh blanket of pure white clean snow over top of everything and makes you work a little harder. Melis needs the extra work. The snow could have been twice as deep and it wouldn't have slowed her down. She's a machine. Melis said she was going to "rest'em hard". I bet they don't roll out of their tents tomorrow morning until they get forced ouot by the heat of the sun, or by Melis cheerfully screaming that pancakes are ready.

Kirby and Nate are in 14 and are just getting ready to head down to base camp. They will time their descent so that they are traveling on the lower glacier during the coldest part of the night.

Phil Erschler's group rolled in to 17K as well today. I haven't heard directly from them. They'll either rest tomorrow or head up if the weather is good.


Elaine LaPierre said...

Paul--You're getting close, from this end it's very exciting, but can only imagine the effort and stamina it takes. We are with you all the way. Stay strong! Love, Mom and Dad xo

Anonymous said...

Paul -You've got us glued to your adventure. Got that smile going?
Ted & Pam

JR said...

Tom and Paul-Keep it up and I am thinking of you guys. One foot in front of the other. The views and journey must be amazing. Look forward to hearing all about it. JR

Donna said...

To Rob (with Melis' group): Rob, Sandy (with his philisophical Irish wit) says to remember after the summit, it's all downhill. We've got Guiness chilling for you! Way to go Rob!
Sandy and Donna
p.s. Between this and Vineman, we are your true tifosi (had to get my Italian in there!) xoxo