Saturday, June 7, 2008

Postle, Woolums, McCullough, Collins, Senden UPDATE

Mark Postle's team is back at high camp and they had an awesome day. They reported that they didn't have to wear their parkas or mittens the entire day - definitely a weather rarity up there!!! What excellent timing they had - and way to hang in there and give it another shot!!! They will be heading back down to the 14,200' camp tomorrow.

Scott Woolums, Brian and Johnny are at the 14,200' camp they are looking great. I haven't heard from Scott directly but Colby let us know that they are there. They have been chatting over hot drinks at camp. 

Brian McCullough's team will be moving to high camp (17,200') tomorrow, they are psyched!

Greg Collins' team has descended from their high camp on the Upper West Rib and is back at the 14, 200' camp, they are resting up for their descent to base camp.  All is well with them. 

As far as I know, Kirby Senden, Nate Opp, Jon and Moises remain at the 14, 200' camp. They are acclimatizing and will be making their move up the mountain within the next few days.



ilil said...

wish Motti and Yoram in Brian's team happy holiday from the familis in Israel. We are celebrating the harvest, having cheese cakes and suffering the heat... missing loving and supporting you. climb strong!

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