Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Colby called from High camp. It's not too windy up there, but it's a little murky. They are doing well. They made it up to 17K in about 5 1/2 hours. They'll send it tomorrow if it's good enough. Judging at the pace they've been setting between camps they're looking at about 6 hours from 17 to the summit when they do get to go.

Scott Woolums called in from the top of Ski Hill. They were enjoying the nice night. He, Brian and Johnny are all doing really well he said. That's all I got from him before the phone cut out. He did say that they would be moving to 11K tomorrow. If they get there early enough they may see Kirby's crew moving out, but I bet they will just miss each other.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mark, Hervé here. I see that again your strategy is to sit at 14 and wait.Better than suffering at 17 or like Rob last year on the Ridge.
Good plan.Good luck, Be safe.