Sunday, June 22, 2008


Due to the warmer temps today Pat and Tim decided to cache AT the corner instead of carrying around the Corner another 20-30 minutes.
They will burry their cache around the closest rocks behind these climbers in this photo.

Pat and Tim's group called in from Windy Corner a few minutes ago. I had just checked the "spot" website out a couple minutes before Pat called. The "spot" is a little hand held device that updates a google map program and anyone can track the whereabouts of the handheld device. Anyway, they are all doing really well. They are going to try to move to 14K tomorrow. He said it was baker up there today. Pat mentioned possibly adjusting their travel schedule so that they are moving with the colder temps again. Usually, the closer a team gets toward 14 during the latter part of the season they are able to get on more and more of a day time schedule. Sounds like they won't get off of the night schedule after all until after they have arrived at 14K.

High camp, with Denali Pass in the back ground. The North Summit of Denali is just out of view (above the black rocks with the sweet looking ski lines) up and to the left of Denali Pass. To get to the South Summit (the true summit) you go up to Denali pass and take a right. To get to the N. summit you go to Denali pass and take a left. It's as simple as that.

Melis is still at 17K. She said it is a sunny and clear day but it is quite windy up there. There are quite a few guided groups sitting it out at high camp right now. They are doing well and are just going to hang out until they get the right window. They have plenty of food and fuel and bad sci fi books to keep them healthy and occupied.


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Deb said...

Brent, Great news to hear that your ascent is going well. Stay focused and keep up the good work. We're cheering you on.
Love Mom and Dad xoxo