Monday, June 23, 2008


Melis just called in from high camp and says here team is doing really well. They are having a fine time and are being extremely patient waiting for suitable weather to make a bid for the summit. The weather isn't horrible, just not good enough for a summit attempt. 

She says some other groups around them are losing motivation to wait out the weather (17,200' is an easy place to loose motivation) but her team says "they are happy to stay up there another week if they have to!" 

They must be eating well and having fun. High camp can be a pretty cool place to explore when you have time to explore around in slow motion - I'd say they are taking 1-2 breaths for every step they take. I was up there a few years back and found some very old cans of bacon in the rocks and canvas tents partially frozen in the ice. 

They have time, food and fuel to wait it out until the winds stop and the skies clear. Let's hope it happens soon for them.

- Caitlin

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Donna said...

To Rob Stein (with Melis's group): Sandy's Sage Saying as you await your summit opporunity: Paitence Precedes Passions Pinnacle...oh yeah, and don't eat yellow snow!