Sunday, June 29, 2008


Pat said it's clearing up a bit at 14K. Forrest left at about 9:00 AM today to start down to base camp. That will put them in B.C. tomorrow morning. Pat's expedition is going to go get some exercise today and get ready to move up to high camp tomorrow if the weather holds. It's still a little windy up above 14 right now, but it sounds like it has been dissipating this morning. Pat hadn't talked to Melis yet today nor have we here in town, but it didn't sound like a summit day yet. That could change though in the next little bit.

The frostbite patient that Melis helped treat, from the private (non AMS) expedition, a couple of days ago had to get lowered 3,000 feet to the 14K medical camp. He or she, I suspect, will be waiting for the Denali Rescue Helicopter to grab them from 14 and fly them out to Talkeetna for further treatment.

Your friendly neighborhood Park Service employee. (sort of)

The National Park Service (NPS) has a lot of highly trained personnel up on the mountain to run all these little rescues as well as organize and carry out some of the most complex and amazing rescues in the history Alaskan climbing. They have a 3,000 foot rope up at 17K these days to make it easier for rescuers to do a continuous lower from High Camp to 14. This sounds easier than it is. It is a very rescuer intensive project. I'm sure many of the guides were involved as well.

No word from anyone else yet today. Melis is on day 11 at high camp. She's probably thinking about conserving battery power up there. Soon enough, her good friend Joey will be rolling into 14K and they will be able to talk on the FRS.

Oh Look what I found. Who is this??

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Donna said...

Rob, you have had an amazing adventure and must be learning tons from lucky she was there for that medical rescue! the Nurse in wants to know more...bring details back and teach me!

The mountain has obviously embraced your Team! xoxo Donna

judit said...

Hi Mitch, Following your progress. Loooks good :-) Hope the wind drops and lets you go on tomorrow. Anna & judit (from Budapest:-)