Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brian McCullough & his group flew out of Base Camp late last night, after departing the 14-thousand foot camp around 11am!  What a team!  They were able to get some sleep last night then met for a big breakfast at the Roadhouse this morning.  They are able to work at a leisurely pace now, unpacking, sharing photos and getting used to being surrounded by leaves again!  It is GREEN and 60 deg F. in Talkeetna today.  

Scott Woolums called in at noon, they are resting at High Camp today (17,200 feet) after arriving there yesterday afternoon.  He said the weather was "good" when they arrived, with light snow. Today the weather is "more serious" with snow, wind 20-30 knots and temps around 0 deg. F. 
He said Kirby is also there with his group, looking good.  They will all rest today, there are "rumors of good weather tomorrow"...we'll see if any of them decide to attempt the summit in the next day or two.

Tim and the Kahiltna Dome group have returned to their 10,000 foot camp. They called in just a while after I talked to Scott. They made a two-fold attempt on the Kahiltna Dome summit, but were turned back by severe avalanche conditions on both the Okonek and Mt. Tapps routes.  They are on a night schedule; they will hit the sack and get up around midnight to pack up camp and descend to Base Camp. They plan to cache their gear and make a side trip to attempt Radio Tower, about a 1,400 foot fun climb right next to Base Camp, before getting in line for a flight out of "Kahiltna International Airport" first thing in the morning if the weather cooperates.  Yesterday flights to/from Base Camp were on hold until early afternoon due to snow up there.

It is light through the night, with Summer Solstice just a week away; many climbers take advantage of the cool and bright nights for travel across the Kahiltna glacier.  At this latitude we'll start loosing 45 minutes of daylight per week pretty soon; at Equinox (in September) we'll have 12 hours of day and 12 of night before that rapid transition the short days of winter.  

Rob is going on a field trip to Base Camp, we'll keep you in the loop while he's gone. - Julia


Anonymous said...

To John Sheridan, hi from Toni. Hope you doing ok, just discovered this link. If I hear from you I'll write back. x

Anonymous said...

To Nevin Agnew... Hi from Thomas Nicola Lara and mum....Hope you enjoying the climb so far. Hope this message gets to you....Love from all.