Monday, June 2, 2008

Update from Coombs at 14,200' camp

A quick late night update from Colby who just called in. Colby, Josh and Henrik moved to the 14,200' camp today and are feeling well. They will rest there tomorrow, June 3rd. Colby said the weather was really nice at 14,200' and below, but still cold at night with winds at the higher elevations. 

Greg Collins' team will be carrying some of their food, fuel, and gear to their first camp on the upper West Rib tomorrow (June 3).

Kirby Senden's team moved to the 11K camp today and they are looking good. Depending on the weather and how they are feeling, they may make a carry a load of food, fuel, and gear to the Windy Corner area tomorrow.

Brian McCullough's team is well! They made a carry of food, fuel, and gear to the windy corner area today and may make the move to the 14, 200' camp tomorrow, again depending on the weather and how the team feels.
Colby gave Brian the news about his Uncle George. Brian is looking out at George's Dutch Hills gold mine, thinking of his family gathered there, as I am sure they are all looking up at the mountain at him! I am sure he'll call home when he gets within range.

Mark Postle's team is at 14,200' camp and are rested and are planning on moving up to the 17,200' camp soon, they are waiting for a solid weather window.

There is a great team of AMS climbers gathered at the 14, 200' camp right now, I am sure they are all having a good time enjoying life in the mountains with those amazing views!

- Caitlin


Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a great time! Climb hard and be safe. Miss you and love you!


Anonymous said...

(the Upper West Rib Expedition with Greg Collins)

Dearest BJ,
I love you too. I´m proud of you. See you soon.