Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Photo of an almost forgotten camping place on the West Buttress of Denali. Top of the fixed lines. Photo, Okonek. Nowadays most groups bypass this camp and head straight up to high camp from 14. There are still a couple of ice caves just below this camp that have been there for over 20 years i'd guess.

Melis just called in from 14. She said it was HOT! She slept in this morning, her and Mike Janes were going to talk on the FRS this morning. She said it looked like a good summit day to her. It was splitter last night and if it stayed that way then I bet Mike and Leighan, as well as Phil 's crew are heading up as we speak. It's hard to say from here though. There are clouds between here and there so I can't see what the upper mountain looks like.

Photo of some climbers returning from the summit, along the summit ridge. BO photo. Hopefully Mike and Leighan and Phil's group will be up there soon.

As soon as I hear any updates from the mountain, I'll let everyone know.


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Purcie said...

Glad to hear about the safe and successful trips. Send Nate a "Hi Sweetie" for me if you hear from them. I am SO proud. (rfg, i will send you pics of my AMS sticker efforts if you send me your email address to - Cheers! - Purcie