Saturday, July 12, 2008

Denali '08

Well, our 2008 Denali Guiding Season is officially over. Nate and Joey flew out of the Range last night with the last AMS Denali Expedition. We've had an awesome season. Our guides and participants have been incredible.

We still have more than 20 Mountaineering Courses, Workshops, WFR recerts, Glacier Treks, Wilderness Hikes and Custom courses yet to come this season. One of our 6 day Mountaineering Courses just flew into the mountains yesterday evening.

Our mountaineering courses generally do not have enough time to report in from the field.

I'll try to post updates for the upcoming 2009 climbing season. The 2008 season was busier than 2007 and I'm sure 2009 will be even busier than 2008.


Nearing the top of Ski Hill

Base camp, looking at the North Buttress of Mt. Hunter.

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