Sunday, July 6, 2008

High Camp

Nate and Joey's trip as well as Hammy's have arrived in High camp! Hammy said that everyone on his expedition was climbing strong. If the wx is good tomorrow they will go for it. The wx right now is perfect. Several groups went for the summit today. I haven't talked to Nate yet, but I know that he was already in camp and Joey was only about 20 minutes out with his rope team. The 16 ridge leading to 17K is considered by many people to be the most spectacular part of the West Buttress. Perhaps Nate will call in later with an update, but for now all is good and I bet by the time anyone sees this post they will be moved into camp and drinking a hot cup of something.

Check out the video of the 16 ridge. You get a brief glimpse of the exposure. The summit ridge is also narrow in spots like the 16 ridge.

I'll keep you all posted when I hear more.



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Anonymous said...

Great video. When one normally things of Camping they associate it with the wilderness and the dry and hot weather. Camping can be in different environments. Even the snow!