Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some photos from Melis's boys.

Melis just flew out from the glacier this morning. She said that it looked pretty good up high and that it didn't seem windy.
Melis and Forest's crew in their kitchen tent at 14.
John heading up the fixed lines
The boys building the igloo at 17K.
Chef Melis, serving up pancakes at high camp.

John on the tippy top.
Nearing the top of the fixed lines, heading down yesterday, in what looks to be perfect cramponing.
Frosty, after the descent back to high camp.Toasty, after the descent to 14 camp.


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Donna said...

Rob, Love the frozen "Beefcake" shot. Saved the best for last, eh? Thanks for the great adventure, we watched your every step!
Love, Sandy and Donna