Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Picture of Nate on yet another summit (Moose's Tooth).

Our last Denali expedition of the season just summitted (Nate and Joey's) with every member of the team. That's not unbelievable in itself, it's just impressive that every single Denali expedition of ours, except one, reached the summit. We've had an incredibly successful season, and we owe it all to our guides who make solid decisions time and time again.

They summitted at about 6:00 PM, more or less. It was a super good day. "The best day I could have hoped for"- Nate Opp. He sounded great and said that every one was doing well. Everyone sends out their love. To all of the U.K., Canada, and everywhere else I heard in the background.



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Purcie said...

I am so proud!!