Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Updates from Hammy and some random photos from Pat's group.

Mike Hamill "Hammy"

Hammy called in from the "Corner" this afternoon. He said his crew is moving really well. They were putting the cache in before the corner, instead of heading all the way around the corner, thus adding another hour onto their day toady. They're probably back at 11K by now. It is a real nice day right now up there. They are planning on moving to 14 tomorrow. The move to 14 usually takes 7-9 hours or so. They will probably just walk right on by their cache at the corner tomorrow, unless they stop to grab a few surface items like saws, shovels, spades and things like that.
A group heading down toward 11K.

Nate and Joey headed up to 14 today. Haven't heard from Nate yet, but probably will soon, even though the guy really isn't much of a telephone talker. According to Mike they had a good move day. And if I know Melis, she's waiting up there for her Joey and she'll probably have water melted and hot drinks waiting for Nate and crew. The move to 14 from 11 is a tough move day. It's the toughest day they've had so far this trip.

This is what a typical denali traveler looks like.

Melis, Rob and John should be out tomorrow. That's all I have from her. That's okay though, Melis has been in the blog headlines for awhile now.

The inside of Pat and Tim's Kitchen tent at 14K.
Deep in thought. Looks like he's really toughin it, eh?
Who's socks stink?The throne at 14 camp.

that's it for now.



Anonymous said...

Any Idea if Pat,s group is going to try to summit today?

Anonymous said...

Hard saying, there are some high clouds that might extend from Talkeetna to the mountains. I just looked when I rode my bike back from TAT and it looked as though it might be windy. So, in a nut shell, I don't know but maybe.