Monday, July 7, 2008

Updates from Nate

Nate called in last night from H.C. He said his crew was doing good. They had to build their own walls when they moved into camp. Personally, 17K is the only camp I prefer to move into old walls. The lower camps on the mountain I try to get "new real estate". On Denali, it's all about being READY for the upper mountain. The lower mountain is the place to get all your systems completely dialed. I'm sure Nate was hoping to "move in" last night. It's no big deal really to have to build your own walls, it's quite normal actually, but it is hard work and 17 is the camp that most guides look for old walls.

High Camp is the camp that can really dish it out, so you kind of have to have big burley walls. I spent 8 days at 11K one year where 50% of the tents in camp got destroyed in a big storm. (We didn't lose a single tent.) Denali can dish it out anywhere on the mountain. Ideally, at high camp the walls surrounding camp are higher than the tops of the tents. Sometimes we build our walls 2 blocks thick AND dig a giant moat on the windward side of of the windward walls to collect drifted snow before it blows up and over your walls into and on your walls and tents. Then you can go out and empty your moat, which is often easier than navigating in and around the tents inside the tight confines of the "bombproof" camp.

Nate was planning on resting today and then starting to look for a window tomorrow.

Here are a few messages that Nate's gang wanted relayed. Hopefully I get it all right here.

misses and sends his love to Lindsay, Jeremy and Nick.

Lane wants to say Happy Birthday to his daughter Caitlin.

"Our youngest girl wants to say happy birthday to Mummy and daddy, Alex says that."

Sandra says happy birthday to her Mom.

Paula says happy birthday to her pomeranian (registered and has the papers to prove it)!

I'm sure Nate and Joey send their best to their "better halves". I know they, Purcie and Melis, send their love to their boys up on the mountain.

That's all.


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