Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Survival of the fittest

Zach Shlosar radioed in from the base of Granite Glacier earlier. He & Joe Butler are leading a small group of air force gentlemen on a survival course. They landed on the Pika Glacier and are negotiating all sorts of terrain to hike out. They crossed Exit Pass this morning, right on schedule. The weather is actually better than in this photo! The sun is shining!!!

New Staff & Fabulous Interns

Welcome Sam Newbury from Eagle River Alaska to AMS' list of new instructors. Sam lead a Wilderness Hike for us a couple of weeks ago.

AMS gets its interns from Alaska Pacific University. They must like us, because they send us great people! This summer we had Nick D'Alessio & Brian Skean. Nick has been getting rave reviews on his calm manner and great teaching techniques. He'll be assisting on the September 6-day Mountaineering Course. Brian had some great adventures this summer and has also been appreciated for a gentle manner and great teaching ability. They're both back to Anchorage & I'll miss them terribly this winter! They were a huge help to AMS!
Thank you Nick & Brian!!

~ Julia

Spiffing things up

Thanks to uber-carpenter Chip Farote and his team (and Rob, who just wanted to play in the dirt with the backhoe), we were able to upgrade our tarp-covered carport (er, fixed line ascention practice area and packing zone) to a permanent structure that will handle snow loads and let in some natural light. We've been putting it to the test. I see some potential for mid-winter ping pong tourneys.
Hmm, this photo must have been taken on one of those rare sunny days.


Summer Fun Update

Well, the Denali season may be over, but there is still fun to be had!
Since our last blog entry we've had all sorts of activity here at AMS! The weather in Talkeetna has been cooler and wetter than usual. They say that we normally have 12 days of summer, but so far I've only counted a few when the temps went above 65 F. We were lucky enough to have a couple of "bluebird" days.

~ 6 day & 12 day Mountaineering Courses - flew out to the Alaska Range, some crazy weather.

~ Youth Groups went ice climbing, hiking and such, some went to the Matanuska Glacier, some went to the Talkeetna Mountains.

~ A group of 8 teenagers came up from Seattle to go on a 7-day Wilderness Hike! They got to fly out to the Talkeetna Mountains by float plane for their hike through the tundra. They endured rain, rain, and more rain with smiles! They had a great time & managed to dry out before heading back to sunny Seattle.


~ More Youth Groups went to play on the Matanuska Glacier.

~ 12-day Mountaineering Course went to the Pika Glacier, in "Little Switzerland" (Alaska Range).

~ Several custom groups have been hiking in Denali National Park, glacier trekking in the Alaska Range, climbing, you name it!

Watch for more updates, I still have some photos to post.