Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th.

The weather has been shut down for a few days around here, so there has not been much activity to report. Tim and Erdal snuck into the Pika glacier two days ago in a little opening in the clouds.

Nate Opp and Sean Russell finally made it in to base camp this morning after 3 days of waiting in Talkeetna for the weather to get good enough to fly. They took off in a plane once yesterday but were turned around soon after takeoff when they received a conditions report from the mountains that there was low lying fog and clouds prohibiting landing on the glacier.

AMS guide Tim Brown demonstrating fixed line ascension before flying onto the glacier. We particularly like the fact that he's wearing a helmet for the demo (and flip flops).

Erdal Ceten, moments before heading into the Pika Glacier with Tim for a week of touring, climbing and relaxing in the mountains.

Several of the 4/28 (Melis's and Greg's) Denali expedition wrapping up their Denali Skills Review class yesterday.

Melis and her fearless crew eating their last hot lunch for a few weeks. They are partway through a really busy day. They have all been thoroughly gear checked, packed their lunch food and are just about to go get their NPS briefing. They are scheduled to fly out today at 5:00 PM. The weather is perfect today so we expect an on-time departure.

Lots more updates and photos to come.



Alex Kordes said...

Waw, Marije, het is me gelukt op mijn privecomputer op 'jullie' site te komen. Zo, en dan ga ik vanaf nu, verder volgen. U hoort nog van mij :)

Hinke said...

Hallo Marije,

Wel even mijn viooltje plaatsen he? En heb je extra zuurstof in de ballon? Zet em op I will follow you ;-) Liefs Hinke en eh...ik moet nu alleen lunchen;-( Maar dan doe ik mijn oogjes dicht, zie ik jou en eten we toch samen.

Anonymous said...

hallo marije, eindelijk de site kunnen vinden en ik zie dat je gaat beginnen aan de leuke beklimming, als je terug komt gaan we dan nog met thomas de trein spelen???
dikke kus je vriendje Lars

Anonymous said...

he marij gaat het goed daar. we bellen je snel als we terug komen.
groetjes danielle david lars en lyanne