Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our first 12 day Mountaineering course of the season just went in to the Range.

Our season is officially under way. We have already completed several trips, film crews, workshops and medical courses this season, but now we will be launching course and expedition after course and expedition for the several months. We have pretty much dug ourselves out from the long winter. There is still a few feet of snow in Talkeetna.

Instructors, Allie Barker and Dan Corn flew into Kahiltna Base camp yesterday afternoon to start the April 20th 12 day Mountaineering Course. They flew into the same base camp that all of the Denali, Mt. Foraker and Mt. Hunter climbers use. They will spend about 3 days around B.C. learning the necessary skills to traverse from the S.E. Fork of the Kahiltna (B.C.) to the Pika Glacier, known by climbers as "little switzerland", a distance of approximately 20 miles. This is an awesome route. The views are insane and there is climbing to do along the way appropriate for the experience level of this group.

(Dan Corn)

The crew, getting ready at Talkeetna Air Taxi for the flight into the mountains.

We have also just started our in-house guides and Medical Protocols review. This is an intense 3 day review of all of our Backcountry Medical Direction Protocols and Medication Standing Orders. Dr. Peter Hackett is AMS' Medical Director. Peter, along with Lance Taysom, WEMT-B, RN and senior WMI instructor wrote our medical directions. Lance and AMS guide and WMI instructor Melis Coady are running the Medical Protocls Review over these next few days. Photos to come.

Stay tuned for lots more climbs and expeditions heading out in the next week.


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