Wednesday, May 27, 2009

12 Day Mountaineering Course photos and Poem

Julia and Matt Just flew out yesterday and are just now finishing drying gear and debriefing about the trip. They all had a great time and the students are already talking about coming back to AMS for another adventure next year. Some for the Kahiltna Dome/Denali Prep course and others are excited to climb Denali with us next year.

The 12 day Mountaineering Course is for beginner to intermediate climbers. Some students join us with a fair bit of climbing experience and others join us with no prior climbing experience. These guys got a bunch of rock climbing and ice climbing in. They did not take much time to rest. They were on the go non-stop. They students got to try skiing on the glacier with mountaineering boots, avalanche beacon searches, they learn how to cook in the mountains and how to care for and fix equipment in the field. Here are some photos from their course as well as a poem from Julia Niles, the lead instructor that she wrote on and about day eleven of the course:
Day eleven
Sounds like heaven
Packing it all in
Not yet time for gin
Chetan’s psyched to climb
There might be enough time
After Ti’s espresso and pancakes
Not yet time for milkshakes
Bill’s shoulder’s almost done
But can handle at least one ski run
Then back to camp for more
Let’s hope we’re not too sore
At least nothings hurting Glenn
Maybe he’s got some zen
Crevasse rescue with a zig
Maybe we’ll get Matt to dig
Before getting on a plane
Beacon drills cause no pain
Cause soon after nine am
These clothes I will condemn

And thus concludes another successful 12 day Mountaineering Course.



Anonymous said...

Is Mike's trip still at 14K?

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Mike's trip is still at 14, they are doing well. I haven't talked to mike directly. It was showing some signs of clearing last i heard but It might be a bit blustery for awhile longer.


Anonymous said...

The course was exceptionally well-taught and the Pika provided a magnificent playground for all of us. Thank you, AMS! Julia, Matt, Hugh- you are terrific!

mom said...

Love all the pictures!!!

but love to see the ones of my son!! matthew glad to see your doing well, miss you lots

love mom