Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Greg and Pat both called in just a bit ago. I think they are bored. Greg is still hunkered in up there on Mt. Hunter. They have still been getting gusts to 70 mph. He said they are doing fine in their fortified camp. Greg is planning on moving up to a 3rd camp as soon as the winds die down enough and summitting from there. At thins point he is hoping to summit on Thursday or Friday.If they have to wait too much longer Greg and Brian will return to camp 1 for more supplies.

Pat said they are experiencing similar winds as Greg up there at 14K. They have built a nice snow cave that they are now cooking in. Melis's crew was celebrating her birthday over all you can eat Krusteaz pancakes. Snow walls are or have already eroded away. There is no more snow to blow around, it's all been blown away. Pat specifically said "it's amazingly windy here", but also that they are all doing well, Melis's group included.

Postle is "enjoying the weather" at 11K, according to Greg. Im sure he's getting wind there too and there is too much wind to move or probably to carry around the corner, but at least he's a little more protected at 11K.

Pat thought that Joey was moving up to 11K to get out of the wind a bit as well.

no photos this time, too busy. More later.

TAT did get some flights into base camp this afternoon.


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