Sunday, May 24, 2009


Photo of 11K looking up toward the Washburn wall, Named by AMS guide Greg Collins, Tom Walters and Phil Powers. You can see the trail heading out of camp. This is Motorcycle Hill. At the top of the hill you go right and climb Squirrel Hill, that takes you to the Polo field, which leads to Windy Corner.

Photo of a cache hole at what looks to me to be 11K. We need to burry caches, especially ones that have food in them, fairly deep to keep the ravens out of them.

Mike Janes called in from 13.5K. They had just arrived at their cache site. They are probably most of the way back to 11 camp right now. He said his whole crew is doing really well. It is sunny and warm where they are/were but it looks like it is windier up high. Squirrel hill was like a sidewalk today. Weather permitting they will move up to 14K tomorrow.

Lhawang from AMS Mountain Link arrived at 14 yesterday. They retrieved their cache this morning and now have all of their supplies in camp. They will most likely be carrying to the 16 ridge tomorrow.

Arches like this get built during rest days after walls are already beefed up. It is good to keep the blood pumping during rest days.

Leighan is still in camp at 14K and is going to wait for the winds to die down a bit before she moves up to high camp.

Today is Postle's scheduled rest day at 17K.

That's all for now.
Tom Torkelson (and Ceci), pictured below, on a Denali Expedition with Mike Janes in 2008.

Tork plans on flying out in a bit to start the 2009 Denali Traverse Expedition.



Fiona said...

Fingers crossed you get to summit today Chez. Thinking of you all day to the top, until I hear that call! Bet you have well and truly shown them what Aussie chicks are made of...hard core! Good luck to all of Postle's team, climb with heart.

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Their plan was to go for it on Monday, tomorrow, wx permitting.

Maybe I will be able to get a photo of them up there after all. I'm heading up in a chinook helicopter to help with a rescue of a climber who went missing several days ago. I might be able to get a pic or two.