Monday, May 11, 2009

Advanced Mountaineering course

Top photo: A typical glacier camp.

Second photo: a student ascending out of a crevasse.

The pyramid looking tent on the right is traditionally used for 2-3 season camping in the lowlands. We have adapted these for use in some pretty harsh weather and terrain. If you look closely you can tell that the snow has been excavated underneath the tent to the point that there is plenty of room to stand up in.

Josh and Chris with the Advanced Mountaineering course sent out an "all is good" message from the "SPOT" last night. They are still in the Pika climbing and doing classes. Sorry for the lack of updates from this trip. In general, mountaineering courses do not get as much of a chance to call in as do expeditions. They are super busy doing their thing and they are at lower elevations where cell phone reception is spottier. All is well, and no news is good news.


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