Friday, May 29, 2009

coming home

Talkeetna Air Taxi just picked up our gang who has been waiting for a pick up from base camp. Mark Postle is the only one we are missing at this point and he should be on his way back right now.

Tim Hewette called in from 9,600 feet a bit ago, he was actually hanging out with Torkelson. Tork is moving to 11K tomorrow.

Hewette was doing a carry and they are on their way back down Ski Hill now to camp. The camped about a mile prior to our normal camp. They travelled from Basecamp to camp in a total white out. Postle just said that the lower Kahiltna Glacier is very well wanded.

Lhawang from AMS Mountainlink called in a few minutes ago. Sounds like the weather is clearing up a bit. Lhawang's, Greg Collins's, Leighan's crews are planning on heading up tomorrow if the weather keeps improving.

Pat and Elliot are back in Base camp as well and in line to come out.

that's all i've heard today.


Anonymous said...

From Rainy Colorado: I see Mike Janes' group is hangin' in there! I hope they all can climb higher also!

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Yup, I haven't heard from mike for awhile though.