Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here we go

Brian Okonek photo of a group heading up Denali Pass with some tents in the background at 17.2K camp.

Melis's and Greg's whole crew should be all standing around outside their tents right now, roping up, swinging their arms and legs to keep the warm blood in the extremities, pounding as much water as possible, splitting up and packing emergency gear into their summit packs 'cause they're making an attempt on the summit.

She said they're group is doing quite wqewll right now despite having moved up to high camp yesterday. The weather is perfect up there right now so they are going to take a walk up to Denali Pass. If everyone is feeling good at that point, they will keep going. If folks are tired at the Pass, they may head back to camp and call today an acclimatization hike. It is very difficult to stay in camp when the weather is perfect. Melis might check in with me periodically through out the day.

Dave said he is missing his family and Fran.

Pat and Elliot are also heading up today. It sure is nice to have multiple guided parties up there at the same time. Strength in numbers.


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