Saturday, May 23, 2009

High Camp

Here an AMS group comes up the 16 ridge. This is a typical scene on the ridge. Two climbers wait while another climber clips through a piece of protection. As you can see the front climber will arrive at the next piece of pro and then the other two will wait for him to clip through and so it goes all the way up the mountain. The steeper the terrain the more pro the guides place. These guys are about 10 minutes to where Leighan has her cache, at a snail's pace.

Postle moved up to High Camp today. Leighan phoned in the news. Leighan's crew carried to 16,400' today and they are hoping top move to highcamp tomorrow. Mark's plan was to take a rest day tomorrow and go for it on Monday. I'll get details from him at some point I bet. But I'm sure they are busy now melting snow to try to rehydrate from todays move. Many people say that this move is the hardest day of the expedition. It's certainly the heaviest loads they will carry at those altitudes. The only expedition that carries heavier loads at higher altitudes are the climbers that traverse the mountain.

AMS has a Denali Traverse flying on to the mountain tomorrow.

Greg Collins, Dan Corn and Rupert flew on tonight for a private Denali. This is Rupert's last summit of his 7 summits. He's climbed the highest point on every other continent but North America.

The Summit for Someone group called in yesterday from the Summit of Control Tower.

Chez says: Happy 21st Birthday to Brooke, Luv to Mum and Dad and that she is doing great!

They are due out tomorrow. I'll post some of their photos as soon as I can.



Anonymous said...

How are all on Mike Janes trip doing? Wishing them well!

Tom Mays said...

Hey Mark! My wife and I are having dinner with Yvan in Quebec City tonight and will lift a glass for you and the team. Good luck tomorrow!

Pheebs said...

Hi Chez,
Thinking of you heaps gorgeous.I hope the weather improves for you guys. Looks absolutely amazing. I'm jealous! Stay strong chilli chick. You're doing a great job!

Alaska Mountaineering School said...

Mike Jane's crew is at 11K. No cell reception there. Sounds like the weather is decent though, so I presume they are making their way up the mountain.

Steve said...

Good Luck to Dennis & all of Postle's crew up at high camp!
Wish I was with you!