Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kahiltna Dome and Hunter speculation

Joey and Matt called in last night or this morning and left a message from the top of Ski Hill. This photo is taken from camp at 11K, where Postle is most likely at right now.

Joey and the rest of the climbers on the Kahiltna dome Expedition are probably camped out in the middle of the sunniest part of the glacier. If you look closely you can see the climbers' boot pack trail heading up onto the ridge in the right side of the picture. This is one of the ways to access the N. Ridge of the Kahiltna Dome.

Joey said everyone is doing great, they have been gewtting lots of good classes in and they have had awesome weather. He said it looks like something might be moving in today though.
Greg pictured on some limestone slab route somewhere South of Anchorage, way south.

Greg Collins checked in last night. they had arrived at their highest camp at 10,200'. He said they were done with all of the heavy climbing days and from here on out they would be traveling/climbing light.

I'm not sure what the weather is doing in there today, or if they are taking a rest day or not. Many of the guides around here are GUESSING that they are going for it today. Pure speculation.

I'll keep you updated when I here more. Sounds like everything is going well out there.


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