Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kahiltna Pass

This picture was taken last year by Mike Janes I believe. The low point in the skyline is Kahiltna Pass. This is the 9,800K camp zone. The West Buttress Route takes a left just before the pass and the rocky buttress in the photo. 11K camp is about an hour up hill from where you take that right hand turn.

Brian McCulough, Todd Passey, Alex Stroud, Ken Honig and Carlos called in from the Kahiltna Pass area during their carry today. He said all was well and that the weather is good. They were heading back to 7,800' camp, bottom of Ski Hill.

Photo: Colby leading a pitch on the Cassin. Picture taken by Mike Wood.

Brian saw AMS guides Pat Ormond and Elliot Gaddy cruising up the N.E Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier on their way to climb the Cassin Ridge on Denali on a personal trip.

Tork and the traversers made it in and Seth and the Summit For Someone crew made it out.

More photos soon.


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