Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th...

Looks like a nice day in the Range. My guess is that Postle is carrying or moving or carrying to 14K today. Like I mentioned the other day, it is way more doable to make a carry than to make a move. It's hard to say what everyone is doing in there today. It could easily be cold and windy higher up on the mountain. Greg could have good conditions on Hunter, while others still have high winds.

Joey and the Kahiltna Dome climbers flew out of the range this morning. They had a good trip. Lot's of wind. Joey is pretty sure that Greg and the Hunter expedition is going for the Summit today, not for sure though. As soon as I hear from folks I'll let ya know.

Leighan and her group are still in Base camp doing classes like I suspected. They'll be heading out early tomorrow morning.

Here are a few photos of some of the climbing on 11,300. I'd say Nate and Kirk are cruisin up the the route today. Nate is a super motivated climber and guide, and if they have favorable conditions, they're moving, guaranteed.

more later.


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atuuschaaw said...

Absolutely wonderful blog with great entries and beautiful photos! Excellent endeavors, both here on the web and on the job!

I became aware of the AMS via Whole Wheat Radio there in Talkeetna. Thank all of you so much for the peek into your world! ;-)