Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Melis, 14K, and Leighan, Dusty, Steve and Gio

Top photo: moments before take off
Second photo: Mandatory sunscreen lather up before leaving AMS. The sun on the glaciers is as intense as it gets.

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Leighan, Dusty, Steve and Gio made it in as you can see from the "SPOT" image shown here.

Right about now they are probably just finishing up with their tent setup class. While Leighan was talking about tent specifics, I bet Dusty was digging out a make shift kitchen to cook up raviolis for dinner. They won't end up getting to bed tonight until late, but that's ok. Tomorrow they will continue with classes in and around base camp. They'll go over everything from packing a backpack and a sled to hauling a person out of a crevasse. They'll get tpo bed as early as possible and most likely get up around 3 AM, try to depart by 5 AM and roll in to camp at the bottom of Ski Hill between 10 and 11AM.

The "SPOT" will prove me right or prove me wrong. Hopefully it'll prove me right, so all you guys continue to think I actually know what I'm talking about.

Here's a couple of random pics from Nate and Kirk in 5 fox kilo getting ready for takeoff.

Here's a shot from a camp I had on 11,300. NAte and Kirk are bivying in this same tent tonight a little lower down on the ridge tonight I bet.

Melis called in around 5:15 tonight. I think she left a message. I just found a piece of paper on my desk with some notes. I quote, "everything is perfect".

It is zero or a bit below zero now. It was minus 20 when they got there. Gusts from 60-70 mph. "Elliot blew away in his booties". Apparently she was laughing when she reported this, so if anyone is wondering if Elliot is still in the 14K plateau, I'm pretty sure he is. Booties are way slipprier (SP?) than a pair of boots. Sometimes up at high camp we require that everyone wear there boots AND carry their ice axe when wandering around, just because those booties are so slick.

They are eating cheesecake tonight. Me and Hugh are off to eat Pad Thai right now and we also have some cheese cake in the fridge. Cheese cake at 14K is way cooler though.

That's all folks


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Bob said...

Gio, I just enjoyed a nice Argentianian Malbec and am now relaxing on my sofa. Look out for those Alaskan snakes! Good luck to you. Bob