Thursday, May 14, 2009

mini updates.

Melis and Joey pictured here. Joey just got in yesterday from teaching our Kahiltna Dome/Denali Prep course. They had a great trip.

Melis left a message with Joey (her husband) this morning. They are on their way to 17K.
Here's a photo of a group coming down around "Washburn's Thumb". A prominent feature on the 16 Ridge. Going around the Thumb is another section on the West Buttress that has fixed rope on it. Most of these sections with fixed line and running protection would feel quite mellow at lower altitudes, but with a 60 pound pack and crampons on, wearing all of your bulky clothes, fogged up glasses or goggles, roped up, blowing snow, low visibility, having to bend over all the time to unclip and re-clip the rope in and out of the carabiners it can be quite challenging.

I'm fairly certain that Leighan's group is moving to the base of ski hill today and Postle's group is most likely moving up to 14K as well.

Greg called in last night safe and sound from their high camp. They are moving to camp 1 today. In fact they are probably rappelling (with a mega munter) and downclimbing as we speak. They are going to make the move to Base Camp tomorrow. Weather permitting, Brian and Louise will fly out and Greg and Suzy will do the short bump from Kahiltna Base, up over the Kahiltna Queen to the Tokasitna Glacier, where they will set up camp and get ready to climb Huntington. I think with all this wind we have gotten recently, Huntington could be in great shape for climbing.

Bottom photo, Kahiltna Queen and the Mini Moonflower just out of view on the right. Greg and Suzy willl fly through the pass just left of the Kahiltna Queen. As soon as they fly thru there they are on the tokasitna glacier and almost to Huntington.

Gotta go, lots of packing and unpacking going on around here.

another perfect day in the mountains i think.



Anonymous said...

To Marije,

Hope you all are doing well and in good spirits.
Try to figure out on the schedule on what level you will be.
Think of you ,love , mam

francine said...

Hi Dave

Just to say I've been following your progress daily and keeping everyone updated. You must be almost at the summit now, what an achievement. We are all so very proud of you.

We all love and miss you very much and can't wait to see you.

Thinking of you, love Fran xx